Digital Advertisement

Whatsoever, ROI Talks!

Digital Marketing, PPC Advertising (Pay-Per-Click)

The main power of Digital Advertising is having the ability to get visitors (users – leads – sales) at once. You just set your marketing goals, launch the campaign, and wait for the results.Digital Advertisement generates:

  • Business leads to feed your Sales Funnel
  • Initial sales for your products/services
  • Brand Awareness (through PPV and Video Marketing campaigns)
  • Customer Retention through Search Engines
  • Social Engagement on Social Media channels

Moreover, the analysis tools of Digital Advertisement clear the fog about audience details. Analyzing your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns refines the next level of campaigns and improves the final results.We provide PPC campaigns on the following platforms:

Also, we analyze your campaigns path and change what is needed to perfect the ads performance.

Pixel Arabia created The PPC Professional System that ensures high performance and best ROI as follow:

  • Setting up business goals and how to perform it by PPC

  • Keyword Research to assign the best keywords that defines your business

  • Setting up optimized landing pages for conversions

  • Writing Content of landing pages, posts and ads

  • Organize Campaigns and Ad groups around selected criteria

  • Monitor all campaigns hour by hour to ensure stability

  • Analyzing results using and make required adjustments

  • Repeating and refining the sales funnel

All of above are available with any level of budget. Whatever your budget is, Pixel Arabia will manage it to achieve your business goals in short time professionally.

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