Email Marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns

“Money is in The List”… It is not just a quote, but a role. In fact, it’s a very important tool that helped a lot of marketers over the world to make millions of dollars and still.

Owning a mailing list is no longer a choice. Do you like to make recurring sales in short time? Shortly, this is the mailing list:

  • Building an ongoing connection with your customers that allows you know them more by many activities (surveys, preferences, offers, etc.).
  • The ability to send them many effective messages (related products, offers, discounts, coupons and more).
  • The ability to resell to the same customers.
  • Take the advantage of fixed volume of traffic that visits website with each email sent.

Email Marketing is a major tool in lead generation and management. In Pixel Arabia, we have the expertise to build, manage, analyze, segment, and refine your mailing list perfectly. Start your list today and touch the difference.

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