Lead Management

Web Design Services (Landing Pages)

There are only 4% of all visitors who buy in the first visit of your website. Almost, all visitors need more concentration and persuasion until they buy. Lead Generation is the process of converting visitors into leads using landing pages. Lead Management is converting them into customers. At Pixel Arabia we design special web pages that sell your products or services brilliantly to their targeted customers. These pages are called landing pages, and we use well-studied standers to design landing pages that sell!

Pixel Arabia Sales Funnel Model

In Pixel Arabia we built a simple and effective sales funnel model that helps you to get the most of your visitors. It is tested and certified:

  • Buyer Persona Definition: Who is your client? What are his biggest frustrations and ambitions? How to draw his persona and write the suitable content? These questions and more are answered in Pixel Arabia.
  • Landing Pages Design: Pixel Arabia designs each landing page according a list of factors that are compatible with both your targeted client and product.
  • Traffic Source: We optimize our landing pages for both PPC advertising and SEO as traffic sources.
  • Opt-In Process and A/B Testing: We design multiple Call-To-Actions and test each one of them to get the best copy and launch it.
  • Follow Up: Using a series of prepared marketing messages we follow up with our leads until we convert some/all of them into customers/sales. We are marketing and remarketing your products/services with many promotions through Email.

Also, we provide CRM Integration with all web pages we design to get the best of your customers’ data.

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